15% discount before 1. December

1What does your skis or snowboard need?
Are you unsure what your skis need? Ask our competent staff for an assessment.
2Do you have scratches or damages in the sole?
We have an automatic sole repair machine which makes the sole as new again.
3What does grinding of the skis mean?
Griding of the skis is just as important for old skis as for new ones. Your old scratched up skies will be almost as new and you'll get back the sharp steel edge you had once. Grinding is a process where the old sole is removed and a new texture is made. Grinding of the skies is done to achieve optimal glide. The ski producers deliver skis with a basic finish, and we can add correct texture and the skis are grinded to make them ready to absorbe the perfect amount of wax. Now you are ready to hit the slopes with the perfect glide.

Special grinding robot

We can offer one of Norway's most modern ski repair shops with an automatic grinding robot from Wintersteiger.

Fast delivery

If you turn in your skis for service, you can pick them up again the next morning. If you're only here for one day, we will do our best to return the skis to you by 4.30 pm.


Ski service