Our ski school is fun and helpful

In our ski school you can attend group lessons or have private lessons to improve your skills. We teach alpine skiing, Telemark skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing for beginners and intermediate skiers. Trust us, taking lessons will help you become a better skier. Make the most of your skiing holiday, come to Vrådal Panorama Ski School!

Skill level

First time skiers. The group learns about safety, braking and using the lift.
The skier can use the lift, brake and turn a little. The groups train in the green and blue runs and learns how to ski with parallell skis, turn and use the poles.
The skier can ski with parallell skis, use the poles and ski down red runs. The groups learn how to ski more technically correct with a higher speed alternating between large and small turns.
The skier can ski down black runs. The groups work on perfecting the technique, increasing the speed, skiing in different conditions and try out different turning techniques using the edges.

Private lessons

Number of people1 hour2 hours
1 personNOK 550,-NOK 820,-
2 personsNOK 380,- per personNOK 575,- per person
3 persons NOK 325,- per personNOK 510,- per person
4-5 persons NOK 290,- per personNOK 465,- per person
Number of people3 hours4 hours
1 personNOK 1085,-NOK 1350,-
2 personNOK 765,- per personNOK 960,- per person
3 persons NOK 680,- per personNOK 870,- per person
4-5 persons NOK 645,- per personNOK 830,- per person
All prices are per person. One hour equals 45 minutes.

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    The ski school is the perfect place to start your skiing career!