Vrådal - Perfect for avid fishers

There are plenty of fish in Lake Nisser and Lake Vråvatn.
The inland lakes Nisser and Vråvatn holds plenty of fish. There is a stock of trout, European whitefish, Arctic Char and perch. The trout can grow up to 8 kg, but the majority of the caught fish is between 150 and 600 grams. Thanks to liming of lake Nisser the conditions in the lake have improved greatly the last couple of years. The trout has a nice redness and it tastes heavenly. The larger fish come in from the deep in mid-September to start spawning.
The best periods for fishing are June and August. In high summer the water is usually to warm, so the fish go deeper.

Vrådal Fiskelag is a collection of landowners that sell fishing licenses for most of lake Vråvatn, the upper part of lake Nisser and a few mountain lakes. It's also allowed to fish with otters in these lakes.

Fishing licences are sold at the tourist information and Quality Straand Hotel & Resort. Prices in 2016 are: 2 days Nok 50,- / 14 days Nok 100,- / Season Nok 200,-. Children under 16 years do not need a fishing license.