18 slopes – no quees
Ski slope

Vrådal Panorama ski center has 18 slopes of a total of 15 km and 8 lifts, including an eight-seater chair lift. It is a ski resort for the whole family with slopes of different levels. We have trails for those who want to go slalom, try telemark or freeride skiing, and a park for those who want to have fun on the skis or snowboard.

Childrens area
Next to the chairlift there is a free children's and beginners' area. Here we have two carpet lifts and gentle slopes with arches and figures. It is the perfect place for sledding and skiing games. The area is also a good place for beginners to practice before going into larger slopes.
Girl skiing in childrens area
Man shaping snowpark
Snowpark & fun-slopes
The park is located on trail no. 9 and consists of ten elements. The park is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. In trail no. 11, next to Marittrekket, you will find a fun ski cross trail with turns, waves and elements. Perfect for those who enjoy skiing.
Policy & safety rules

Riding outside prepared trails is at your own risk. Referrals/requests from staff must be followed. It is important to familiarize yourself with the alpine rules before heading out onto the slopes.

1. Responsibility to avoid injuries
You must behave in such a way that you do not harm yourself or others.
2. Adjust your speed according to the conditions
You must rida in a controlled manner and adapt your speed and style to your skills, terrain, road conditions and traffic.
3. Obligation to give way
If you come from behind (from above), you are responsible for avoiding a collision.
4. Overtaking
It is forbidden to drive straight downhill except during organized training. If you drive past another skier/snowboarder, you must give them sufficient space for both controlled and uncontrolled movements.
5. Starting, going in or turning upwards on the slope
If you are going into or turn uphill, you must ensure that this happens without danger to yourself or others. The same applies to starting or stopping.
6. Stop on the descent
Do not stop or sit in tight or unclear places.
7. On foot in the descent
If you are on foot, you must only use the outer edges of the ground.
8. Ski stoppers/harness straps
Ski stoppers/harness straps are required. Check that the bindings are set correctly.
9. Respect signs
Follow signs, labeling and instructions.
10. Help in the event of accidents
In case of damage, everyone has a duty to help. Witnesses and contributors must provide their personal information.
11. After closing time
It is forbidden to stay in the alpine resort outside opening hours. This can cause danger to life as construction work with snow production and preparation is in progress.
12. Risk assessment and violation
Alpine skiing is associated with a certain amount of danger. Drugs and skiing do not go together. Violation of the board rules may result in expulsion from the facility.